New Boston Promotions
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New Boston Promotions was founded by Mary Melodee Mena in 1988 to provide promotional products for clients of all sizes. Mary will help you use promotional products to deliver your message to your target audience without waste. Our products motivate, promote, reward and reinforce your message — and they are desired and appreciated when received. Most of all, your message is kept and remembered  — unlike traditional advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are promotional products?

Promotional products (sometimes called advertising specialties) are products bearing a company logo or other message. They are generally given away to customers or prospects for the purpose of generating name recognition or goodwill. Examples of promotional products are imprinted pens, tee shirts, magnets, mugs, etc.

What is the difference between a promotional product and a premium?

A premium is a product that is given away as a bonus with the purchase of another product. Prizes found in cereal boxes and toasters given to new checking account customers by banks are examples of premiums. It is some times difficult to distinguish between premiums and promotional products, but generally a promotional product is distributed free and premiums require the completion of an obligation prior to receipt.

Can I order from you on line?

We offer you the ability to search through over 100,000 products on our web site but encourage you call us to place an order. We feel that we can add value to your purchase by discussing your needs and working with you to find the perfect promotional product to help accomplish your goals. We can also offer advice about artwork and graphics, screening, embossing, engraving and the dozens of other production methods used to produce promotional products.

What if my budget is small and/or my timeframe is tight?

Please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your needs! We have access to many promotional products that are a great value and can be produced in a matter of days.

What is "camera-ready" artwork?

Black and white laser printed artwork of 1200 dpi or higher or a black and white glossy stat of your logo would be considered camera-ready art.

Do you accept electronic artwork?

Yes. The general rule for most items is that art files must be created in Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, or CorelDraw. All CorelDraw (CDR) files must be saved as an AI file EPS (Adobe Illustrator, EPS, Curves.) All files must be saved as EPS and all text converted to outline. EPS format files provide superior reproduction quality allowing images to be resized with no loss of sharpness or detail. We also require that you fax a hard copy of your artwork to us at the same time that you e-mail us.