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New Boston Promotions was founded by Mary Melodee Mena in 1988 to provide promotional products for clients of all sizes. Mary will help you use promotional products to deliver your message to your target audience without waste. Our products motivate, promote, reward and reinforce your message — and they are desired and appreciated when received. Most of all, your message is kept and remembered  — unlike traditional advertising.

Suggested links and comments from Mary Melodee Mena

Production Partner Websites:

Prime: Another great group of promotional products for your perusal. Great pricing, fantastic production times and they are based in New England too. Need an imprinted stress reliever shaped like a toilet or a stalk of broccoli? Then this is the place for you!

Gemline: A Massachusetts company that carries fashionable bags, cases and business accessories. They have award winning imprinting capabilities. Bargain hunters should check out their specials and closeouts.

4logowearables: Need screenprinted or embroidered apparel? This is the place to look. Call or email me for pricing information.

Port Authority: Another great source for wearables.

Leed’s: A great source for bags, executive gifts and writing instruments. Check out their new line of “eco-smart”, environmentally-responsible promotional products.

Glass America: Travel and ceramic mugs, glassware and stemware. If it holds liquid and needs an imprint, they’ve got it here.

Other Fun Stuff:

Negative Space: My very own photo blog.

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association: I volunteer as Massachusetts Shelter Representative for the ACDRA. Our goal is to match displaced ACDs with suitable homes while also educating the public about these highly energetic and intelligent dogs.

Pet Finder, Adopt a Homeless Pet: This is where we found our canine vice president in charge of treat procurement. Check it might find your new best friend (or most loyal employee) today.

Internet Anagram Server: Can you believe that my husband’s name (Paul Mena) is an anagram for “a lame pun”? Or that New Boston’s canine V. P.’s name (Bonita Mena) is an anagram for “No bite a man”? Anagrams never lie. Try your name today!